dimanche 8 avril 2012

La garde

En cette journée de Pâques, je vous présente une page inspirée de ce beau sketch de Jenny Evans.

On this Easter day, I show you a page inspired by this beautiful sketch from Jenny Evans.

Every morning, you take great care to place you stuffed toys on your bed. This day, you decided to align them face to the door. They looked as if they were guarding your room! It was so cute.

Merci d'être passé!
Thanks for stopping by!

4 commentaires:

Debbi Tehrani a dit…

Such a sweet story and a beautiful page. Love the bricks in the background. Terrific job with Jenny's sketch.

Mary Ann Jenkins a dit…

What a darling layout, and sweet story!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comments, I appreciate it :)

Helen Tilbury a dit…

Cindy this is so pretty! Love your brick wall stenciling!!

missnath a dit…

Comme c'est super mignon, très intéressant le sujet,
ton journaling m'a fait sourire, bravo ta page est vraiment superbe!